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Zothyrian Metapsychology

There is a pyramid of lattices in the superconcious mind from which the transendental ego inducts certain archytypal categories'
AIWAZ' "The book of Meon"



Nobu +

The Gospel of Truth from His Own Being (Modern Gnostic Gospel)
"This is the Gospel of Truth which the Father brought forth from His Own Being. This is the Book of Salvation containing in itself the fullness of all that there is. This is the Word of AIWAZ-Zothyrius, son of the aeon and sun of the daemon. Now because all things come forth from the Meon, there was a deeply held darkness covering over the face of the fullness, for the fullness of the Father was only known in the darkness and not in the light.
Now light is eternal and is the very life of the Father, and yet the Father did not reveal the fullness of His Light, but only that fullness which is in darkness. Hence that which was revealed was not the fullness of the Father but only an image of the fullness.
Therefore, the Father spoke to the Savior and to Depth and told them of their incompleteness before the Father, for they dwelt in darkness and lacked the fullness of wisdom and light.
Then the Father spoke to Knowledge and to the Church and told them of their incompletness before the Father, for they too, like the pair from which they were generated dwelt in darkness and lacked the fullness of wisdom and light.
The Father spoke as such saying that there are two wisdoms and there are two lights, one which is the widom of Depth, which is incomplete, but the other which is complete is Divine Wisdom (Theou Sophia), which alone the Father may give, for the Meon is Nothingness and no longer can be said to be, and one which is the shadowy light of the Savior, which is incomplete, but the other which is complete is the Light of Christ (Phos Christou), which alone the Father may give, for the Meon is nothingness and does not exist.
So the Savior was chosen by Wisdom and by Knowledge and by the Church to speak to the Father and the Savior sought to enter into the mystery whereby the fullness of the Light of the Father would be known. But the Father spoke saying that the Divine Pairs must realize their incompleteness and lack of perfection before this first mystery would be reavealed, before the Father would show it forth. Now the Savior humbled himself before the Father in the name of the Divine Pairs and said that the Divine Pairs were incomplete and this he said in their name, for he acted as the cheif henad of all the Divine Syzygies and he acknowledged the incompleteness of the pairs and so he sought to know and to see the First Mystery, which does not come forth from the Father but which is within the Father and which is the Father at all times. And to this the three other members of the Divine Pairs had agreed with certainty.
Therefore, the Father bid the Divine Pairs, through the Savior, to come before Him in the timelessness of His Being. Now the Father spoke to the Divine Pairs and as he spoke He revealed the First Mystery. The First Veil of the Mystery He removed, which is Purity, and the Divine Pairs saw Divine Wisdom. And Divine Wisdom (Theou Sophia) is not a henad of a pair, but is the Hidden Arche of Depth of Knowledge. And Theou Sophia is the substance of the First Mystery.
And the Father continued to speak to the pairs and as He spoke He revealed more of the light of the First Mystery for He removed before their heavenly eyes the Second Veil of the First Mystery, which is the Christos, which is the essence of the First Mystery of the Fullness of The Father and The Christos is the Arche of The Savior and the Church, for He is the completeness of the Light of the First Mystery of Salvation and the Church is His Body (Soma).
Now as the Divine Pairs realized their participation in the First Mystery of the Father, and thus they are complete in the Father when they participate in this the First Mystery, The Christos spoke to them from the Light fo the First Mystery and He Who is the Light of the Eternal revealed to them who were formerly in darkness that He was the Reason (Logos) of the Father, whereby all things are as they are and must be for they cannot be otherwise, and so because they were complete in the Father, the Father of Lights and All the Henads united them each as individuals with the substance of the First Mystery, wifh is Theosophy and them with the essence of the First Mystery, which is The Christ. And because they knew the Light they as Divine Pairs also know the Reason and in this unity of the First Mystery They became the Second Mystery which is the Spirit (Pneuma) because they participate in the First Mystery.
Now the Fullness of the Father is participated in by the Divine Pairs, for they have entered into the First Mystery and have become one with the Light which is the Second Mystery. Therefore They have received the Light of the Christ and all the aeons and all the daemons and all of the other Ideal Pairs (Syzygies) saw the Light reflected in and from the Divine Pairs in the Fullness and they knew that the Darkness had been banished to the lesser and lower nothingness. And so the Syzygiues were filled with the Holy spirit of Light, which is the Second
Mystery and which fills all of the Fullness of the Father.
This is the Zothyrian Christogony. This is the Book of Salvation. This is the Gospel of Truth"

(AIWAZ, "The Book of Meon," Chapter ii, Verses 1-87) Rights held by Michael Bertiaux
Parts of text from GG'


Malekun Nsala'

Nobu +

Pa' to Lo Carefour' Legba'
Pa' to Lo PaPa Gede Nganga'

I must add' Voudon is about study' Temples are Ok' but when it comes to Pa' self study is Primero'

Pa' to Lo Nfumbe'
Pa' to Lo Ngfunda'
Pa' to Lo Kalunga'
Pa' to Lo Centella Ndoki
Pa' to Lo Zarabanda Nganga +
Pa' To Lo Nobu Nganga +

There is much to learn' orthodox no teaches of self'
Know thyself'

Nganga Nobuoni +
  • Re: AIWAZ

    Tue, August 18, 2009 - 12:30 PM
    Interesting stuff Nobu, though Bertiaux's writings do seem just a bit derivative. The Christian hierarchal system imposed here might also be a bit much for those who have turned their attentions to other systems (or run screaming from it ;->), but it does have it's merits in spite of all it's focus on the Father.
    The name Aiwaz is interesting because it is phonetically the same as Crowley's Aiwass, who delievered to him the Book of the Law in 1903. I do have a strong feeling that Bertiaux has read a bit of Crowley's work in his day.
    I think that the most important part of your post though is the last :
    "There is much to learn' orthodox no teaches of self'
    Know thyself"
    This is perhaps the greatest of truths and the key to all the kingdoms. For to know oneself, not superficially, but deeply, intently, with purpose, opens the door to all that is, both within and without.
    • Re: AIWAZ

      Tue, August 18, 2009 - 9:04 PM
      Kiambote Nechesh'

      Yes Michael Bertiaux has read/studied AC. He makes mention of him in his workbook GG'
      One of the reasons I posted this was an attempt to show the diversity of a system that has a base template' Voudun'
      I have studied' am studying this workbook' it is a mine of magic' very heavy going in some places' completely wacked out and awesomely written and portrayed in others'
      The Grimoir teaches the essence of a spiritual system'
      Add to that "Dream' Trance' Meditations' Self explorations' and you become able to build the conciousness patterns required for the Loa to have access through you'
      I learnt this stuff from the spirits guiding me an my Tata and psychicaly from TaTa Nganga'

      Bwiti' of which I am initiate' is "That of which is revealed within an grows"
      There is no refusing the Loa' they would kick my ass if I even attempted to miss a ritual or ceremony'
      I am forbiden to take "Kanzo" my initiation covers many things' my Ti-Ta is set'
      So I work with the spirits and any information and guidance available to a novice initiate'
      Iboga is Voudun' gives access to so much information' you explode super nova like a star on gnosis'
      Identity and self knowlege is important' it breeds confidence'
      I have become' through the spirits' compitent and confident in of what I know and do'

      At my initiation I was told two things'

      Know thyself'
      Love thyself'

      I am attempting both with great agusto'

      Good energies to you brother' I look foreward to exchanging energies with you'

      Nsala Malekun'

      Nganga Nobu +
      • Re: AIWAZ

        Tue, August 18, 2009 - 9:17 PM
        Yes my brother. I am very interested in your work with Iboga. Unfortunately it is not a plant that is at all accessible to me. I have worked with many other plants in similar ways so i do understand this kind of path working fairly well.
        I will have to look further into Bertiaux's workbook. :-)
        • Re: AIWAZ

          Tue, August 18, 2009 - 9:43 PM
          First step is always through the keeper of the + roads' get a good relationship with Carefour and the kingdom shall open to you'
          We shall speak in private on matters of Bwiti + Iboga as I am forbidden to speak of such' openly'
          This si why you see a lot of cryptics in my posts'
          My attempts at weaving and bending conciousness patterns :)))
          I can say' Iboga puts one in contact with the spirits' Nfumbe' the loa' Nkisi and also hones telepathic abilities'
          Keens the sences for hunting and gives one night vision' and a whole bunch of other besides'
          Gnosis !!

          Back to GG'
          The first part of the workbook is based upon Hoodoo'
          Then it explanes the domains of the Loa' specificaly the family Gede'
          Pa' to Lo PaPa Gede the master of the magicians'
          It then proceeds through some real heavy mind mapping and meta-psychology of which I must admit blew my mind'
          I am no often now out of Gnosis'
          Bertiaux's work on Gnosic prayer is astounding'
          It is a huge works' of which I have been studying for over a year now' it shall no doubt take me twenty years to assimilate the said knowledge'
          And then I laugh' the Loa laugh'
          "You are eternal take your time' you have forever to assimilate your task' hahaha'
          It never quiete for very long in my temple' always someone giving me a nudge' setting me on a new path of self discoveries'
          Seeing as there is no one here that can wotk this stuff with me' I have created' am creating my own system' with the guidance of the spirits and Palo Mayombe + Voudun Gnostic prayer + Bwiti'
          As long as you follow certain critical rules' they meld and mould together quite nicely indeed'
          I guess I am somewhat like yourself' I have studied a lot of the arts' and am now becoming comfortable within my workings'
          Would be good to chew this workbook with someone' expand horizons so to speak'
          There are very few journals that are so open and indepth on the subject of the "Invisible"
          Even AC is a heavy chew sometimes'
          Decipher the Book of the Law' speak with Nfumbe :)))


          Nobu +

          • Re: AIWAZ

            Wed, August 19, 2009 - 6:25 AM
            I love Carrefour. He is very dear to me.

            I have read __The Voudon Gnostic Workbook__, but after a while, I knew it wasn't my path. I'm not a Gnostic, though I do have much in common with Gnostics. However, I do respect Michael Bertiaux. One thing I love about him is that he worked as a social worker for almost 40 years, especially helping the Chicago Haitian community! A good man on many levels.

            Here's his Wikipedia page:

            • Re: AIWAZ

              Wed, August 19, 2009 - 12:14 PM
              Wow!! Maggie' you read the work book' I have only scratched the surface'
              As to the work book being completely about Gnostic prayer' mmmh' up for debate' the book seems to cover a whole system + extensions to more knowledge'

              Good energies to you :)))

              Nobu +

              Took me couple of days to work out as of when Carrefour visited me and spun some stuff the first time :)))
              Now we are getting aquainted along with many many others'

              • Re: AIWAZ

                Wed, August 19, 2009 - 12:24 PM
                Yeah, Nobu, I read a lot. But that could be considered as much as a fault as a good thing. ;-)

                I have to admit to you that I did SKIM some parts of the book.... ;-) However, I read enough to know it wasn't my thing. But that's OK. Everything's not for everybody! :-D
                • Re: AIWAZ

                  Wed, August 19, 2009 - 12:58 PM
                  hehehe' each to their own' this bit of work actualy taught me of what I am' but that is another story'
                  Good to see scolars still looking into the arts' for art this surely is'


                  Nobu +
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                    Re: AIWAZ

                    Wed, August 19, 2009 - 2:59 PM
                    "We shall speak in private on matters of Bwiti + Iboga as I am forbidden to speak of such' openly'
                    This si why you see a lot of cryptics in my posts' "

                    Well, yes, i assumed as much my friend. I shall look forward to such chats. :-)

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